Food Management & Operations for Food Trucks

Good Food or Safe Food Avoiding litigation and complaints over food and its preparation keeps you in business and keeps the food truck industry generally well-received. One bad food truck can affect the local industry so helping motor each other provides some assurance you remain in business. When creating a menu, a food truck chef […]

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Contracts Basics

BASICS of CONTRACTS and PROMISSORY NOTES Contract Ingredients. Contracts and promissory notes come in many forms. Sometimes they amount to no more than a single page or a verbal agreement between two parties and others require reams of paper and government approval of every clause. Regardless, at their very core, every contract requires three ingredients: […]

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Mechanical Considerations of a Food Truck Business.

Mechanical Considerations of a Food Truck Business Investing in a food truck represents the single largest startup expense for the mobile chef. Cutting corners might seem financially expedient to getting your business on the road, but undercapitalizing your physical premises potentially leads to frequent downtime, costly repairs, and even loss of permits and licenses, all […]

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Legal 101 Q & A

Get my answers to legal questions at

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Breach of Contract/Promissory Note The Economics of Collections

Learning about the economics ahead of time may make you build protections into your next contract or retain an attorney to help you draft the contract to make it more economical for you to use an attorney to collect, should you ever require ones services. Although it may appear simple and straightforward, should you choose […]

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